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Chuck Troubleshooting

Nov. 12, 2022
Chuck cannot moveParts of the chuck are damaged.Disassemble the chuck and replace it
The sliding part is stuck.Disassemble the chuck and take out the stuck part, repair or replace it with oilstone
The rotary cylinder stops working.Check the oil pressure system, such as the pressure relief valve
The full stroke of the base jaw is insufficientThere are too many iron filings stored inside the chuck.Clean up after decomposition
The tie rod is looseRe-tighten the lever
There is slippage in the workThe clamping stroke of the base jaw is insufficientRe-clamp the workpiece so that the position of the base jaw is at the midpoint of the stroke
Insufficient clamping force of the chuckCheck whether the oil pressure set by the lock is reached
The formed diameter of the upper jaw is different from the diameter of the workpieceRedo it with the correct shaping method
Too much cutting forceRecalculate the cutting force and whether it meets the specifications of the chuck
Insufficient lubricant for base jaw lubricationRelubricate the parts according to the lubrication process and then operate the chuck several times without the workpiece
Rotational speed is too highReduce the speed to the standard to reduce the influence of centrifugal force
poor precisionChuck outer diameter deflection is too largeCorrect the deflection of the outer diameter or end face and lock the screw
External factors intervene between the base jaw and the upper jaw, such as dustRemove jaws and clean completely
The fixing screw of the upper claw is not lockedLock with proper torque
Excessive clamping force deforms the workpieceReduce the clamping force to an appropriate level, so that the machine can clamp the workpiece without deformation
The height of the upper claw is too high, which deforms the upper claw or the fixing screwLower the upper jaw to standard height
Improper or imperfect process of forming upper jawTo determine if the forming ring is properly placed, check the oil pressure and the surface roughness of the forming part of the upper jaw.

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